The Attlaz API is used for submitting events to the Attlaz collector as well as exporting and managing data.


Versioned changes are changes introduced with the release of a new API version. Versioned changes typically apply to the newest version immediately and often will apply to other versions at a future date. The changelog accompanying each release indicates which changes apply to the current release and which changes apply to other versions.

VersionDate introducedAvailable Until
betaIn development-
1.8April 2022-
1.7March 2022December 2022
1.6February 2022December 2022
1.5January 2022December 2022

The current version of the web API is known as 1.8 and is considered to be in a draft phase. While we don’t expect public endpoints to change greatly, keep in mind that the API is still under development.

The endpoint of the API is following scheme:{version}

It is possible to not pass a version, then the endpoint point to the latest stable version, however this is not advices.

Getting Started

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