We separate our storage in 3 different types with each their own uses:


  • Expiration: By default 1 week, up to 3 months
  • Size: Up to 2 GB

Storage with a limited expiration date, by default this is 1 week. This is the fastest storage.


  • Expiration: Never
  • Size: Up to 1 GB

Store data that needs to persist. There is no limit to how long this data will be stored.


  • Expiration: Never
  • Size: Up to 512 MB

Secure storage, meant for storing sensitive information such as passwords, keys, .... Because of the extra security layer this storage is the slowest and not suited for big amounts of data.

Need more information?

As our platform is always evolving and is full customizable, it is not possible to provide all information here. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions or want more information about certain topics.